CasperLabs Weekly Update, 10th November 2020

2 min readNov 14, 2020


Update Summary

This week, we released v.0.1.6 of the Rust node, this release has been deployed to the Delta testnet and is available on GitHub. We’re working with our partners on polishing and finalizing the Highway paper for the audit process.

We’re glad to have added a new member to the team, Ajith Thampi joins as an SRE engineer.

Also on the call, Alexander Limonov discusses Gas Price Stability and Auctions.

Engineering Status

  • Team has started the second weekly sprint of 20.12 release cycle (Sprint 8.2). Release 20.12 delivers prioritized bug fixes, networking improvements and more consensus protocol security features. The network will support up to 100 validator slots in the bonding auction. Validators can bid for open slots by using the bidding API.
  • We’ve released v.0.1.6 of the Rust node and has been deployed to the Delta testnet. This release is available on GitHub
  • The Delta testnet network was relaunched on Thursday, 05 November 2020. Currently, there are over 75 nodes on the network and 50 validators are active.

Current Focus

  • We’re preparing for the security audit of the network.
  • We’re working with our partners on polishing and finalizing the Highway paper for the audit process.
  • We’re implementing fork bomb protection and defence against fork spam

Rust Node

  • Create libp2p network component with minimal functionality for the Rust node.
  • Evaluating State pruning and other related options to improve the storage component of the Node.

Contract Runtime

  • Refactoring auction data types to avoid synchronizing multiple values.


  • Working on a new Clarity for the Rust network, this version comes with Event Store integration.
  • We’re building a Javascript SDK to enable developers and custody providers build better wallet solutions for the network. We’ll be releasing a special Javascript package for development using the Casper Client.

Economics Research

  • Block proposer: Designing model to compute the number of transactions that can be placed into a block.
  • We’re creating a graphical representation of staking auction business logic.



  • Our CTO, Medha Parlikar was a speaker at the inauguration of DLT Fridays. The podcast tagged “Defi: the history, state of the art and future of Defi” was streamed live and members of our community can catch up on this episode on YouTube.

Team & Company Update

  • We have member in the team. Ajith Thampi joins the team as an SRE engineer.
  • We are looking for talented SRE’s, Developer advocates, and Technical writers to join our team.
  • Applications can be sent via Workable. Alternatively, via email.

Want to get started?

At release, links to installation packages and relevant documentation are available on GitHub.

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