CasperLabs Weekly Update, 11th August 2020

Update Summary

The team had a virtual off-site on the 7th of August to plan and complete the work for the August (Node 0.20.09) release cycle. The team holds these offsites monthly and run weekly sprints based on the planning outcome of this offsite. We’re doing a Gap analysis for the rust client vis-a-vis the python client so as bring the functionality of the rust client up to par with the python client. During the call, our CTO explains the similarities and differences between Casper and Ethereum blockchains while economist, Onur Solmaz talks about delegation on Casper network.
We’re hiring! We’re looking for entrepreneurial developers, someone that wants to own the creative process of solution design and implementation, among open positions, are Core engineers, full-stack developers, SRE, and technical writers. If you think you have what it takes to build the best blockchain system in the industry, we would like to hear from you. Applications can be sent via Workable or by sending us a mail.

  • The team had virtual planning off-site on the 7th of August to complete the work for the August (Node 0.20.09) release cycle.
  • This release is primarily focused on the Rust Client so there’ll not be a public release of this version of the Client for now.
  • We’ll be opening up the repository for the Rust Node in the coming days.
  • The team has entered into the first weekly sprint of the 20.09 release cycle (Sprint 5.1). The focus of this cycle is to deliver additional economic features (transaction fees), security features (slashing), and a Rust Client that has feature parity with the current Python Client.
  • In the 20.09 Release Cycle, we are also focusing on doing design and specification work for some crucial features like 'Check Pointing’, 'Auto Price Adjustment’, and mechanism for 'Social Consensus' in the extreme case of a consensus failure.
  • This cycle will also prepare for a pre-delta testnet of the Rust network with about 20 validators
  • We’ll be relaunching the Beta-testnet to include previously validators that weren’t included in the Launch and to implement a small fix to CLarity
  • We’re setting up a 20 validator network for Rust Node on our test framework.
  • We’re building an integrated test framework for highway core to test for correctness of the protocol as specified on the Highway paper.
  • We’re doing a Gap analysis for the rust client vis-a-vis the python client
  • Extending Solidity transpiler to support bitwise operators
  • We’ll be modifying the voting dApp to a generic one to support Hackathons and enable others to be able to use it.
  • Designing the UX for permissionless ‘validator onboarding after Genesis’. As a part of this effort, we will also generate the requirements of UX for Validator Bond Auctions.
  • We’re currently running a giveaway on our Telegram channel, to enter all you have to do is spread the word about CasperLabs, the top 10 people who invite the most (real) people to our community will win a jacket!
  • Please speak with @Hodlshark who will track invites links for sharing
  • Our weekly Governance/Community call holds every Tuesday
  • Time: 9:00 AM PST (16:00 UTC, Sydney +11, Beijing +8, Greece +3, Amsterdam +2, Onitsha +1, New York -4, Seattle -7)
  • Location:
  • Our weekly workshops/dApp Session holds twice a week on:
  • Thursdays 07:00 am Pacific time and
  • Fridays 12:00 am Pacific (4 pm Japanese Time).
  • The zoom meeting id is
  • We’re hiring! Open positions are;
  • Full-stack developers
  • Core rust engineers
  • SRE
  • Technical writers
  • Applications can be sent via Workable. Alternatively, send us a mail.

At release, links to installation packages and relevant documentation are available on GitHub.

Packages available on GitHub

DApp Developer Guide

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Businessman, Entrepreneur, Techno-philiac, Gamer.

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