CasperLabs Weekly Update, 24th November 2020: Feasibility of a Smart Contract Economy

2 min readNov 29, 2020


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Engineering status

  • The team has started the fourth weekly sprint of the 20.12 release cycle (Sprint 8.4). Release 20.12 delivers prioritized bug fixes, networking improvements, and more consensus protocol security features. The network will support up to 100 validator slots in the bonding auction. Validators can bid for open slots by using the bidding API.

Current Focus

  • Supporting the security audit; there were some findings during the audit process which was already on our to-do list.
  • We expect to exit the audit by the first week of December with a report on the findings.
  • Performing unit test for LNC (Fork bomb and Spam protection feature).
  • Consensus: Design “Disconnect” from nodes sending invalid messages. This disconnects nodes that are sending invalid messages from the network.
  • Completing libp2p network component implementation.
  • We’ve moved the rust client into its own library so we’ll be able to build a suite of unit test for the rust client.
  • Completing RPC endpoint that returns endpoint documentation; this documentation helps folks building against the RPC directly without using the client or want to build their own client.
  • We’re designing a solution for blocks to be finalized twice. For example, if a new node is being synchronized, the node runner may re-finalize blocks that have previously being finalized.
  • We’re subjecting CLarity to Continuous Integration/Deployment.


  • We’re creating a JavaScript SDK to support the Custody provider and other developer looking to use JavaScript on the network.
  • Working on displaying the list of Validators on CLarity.

Economics Research

  • Block proposer: complete gas pricing model.



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