CasperLabs Weekly Update, 25th August 2020: Casper Enhancement Proposals (CEPs)

Update Summary

This week at CasperLabs, the team entered it’s third sprint for Node 0.20.09 release. Coming along with this Node software includes economic feature; transactions fees and security feature; slashing. We’ll be opening up validator slots for the Beta-testnet to include more validator in the coming days. We have a new version of Casper signer v0.03 that’s slated for release soon. This version fixes issues with the keygen file.

During the call, Onur Solmaz gives a talk on Casper Enhancement Proposal (CEP). With CEP, developers and members of our community can propose improvements and changes to the protocol on GitHub.


  • We're on the third weekly sprint of our 5th release (Spring 5.3). The focus of this cycle is to deliver additional economic features (transaction fees), security features (slashing).
  • The team is also working on Client API and will deliver a Rust Client that has feature parity with the current Python Client using the Client API.
  • We’ll be opening up the Rust node repository in the coming days.
  • We’re getting ready to set up a 20 node test network for the Rust node.
  • We’ll be opening the beta testnet to include more validators.

Current Focus

  • On Highway, we’re working on improving error handling for the consensus component.
  • We’re designing and implementing the mechanism for node join/rejoin. This enables nodes that have been offline or with liveness faults to be able to rejoin and sync with other nodes on the network.
  • Unifying storage for Genesis validators and validators with Active bids.
  • Pull based reward distribution to stakers that participated in consensus (no liveness faults).
  • We have a fix to the Keygen issue on testnet. We intend to restart the network in the coming days to implement this.
  • We are unifying notions of accounts and contracts on the contract runtime.


  • We have a new version of the CasperLabs signer v0.03 that is slated for release soon.
  • We’re building a parser for CLTypes to verify contract arguments when sending deploys from the CLarity.
  • Implement metrics of Clarity with the help of Prometheus.
  • Implement the creation of .pem files for key generation in CLarity for the Rust network.
  • Adding support for Complex Types in Arguments DSL.



  • Our weekly Governance/Community call holds every Tuesday
  • Time: 9:00 AM PST (16:00 UTC, Sydney +11, Beijing +8, Greece +3, Amsterdam +2, Onitsha +1, New York -4, Seattle -7)
  • Location:
  • Our weekly workshops/dApp Session holds twice a week on:
  • Thursdays 07:00 am Pacific time and
  • Fridays 12:00 am Pacific (4 pm Japanese Time).
  • The zoom meeting id is

Team & Company Update

  • George Arthurson joins the team on the ecosystem front as a dApp/Web developer.
  • We’re still hiring! Open positions are;
  • Full-stack developers
  • Core rust engineers
  • SRE
  • Technical writers
  • Applications can be sent via Workable. Alternatively, send us a mail.



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